Working toward legislation to curb light pollution in Illinois.

Illinois Coalition for Responsible Outdoor Lighting

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How We'll Achieve Better Lighting Practices Across Illinois

So, you have read the information on this website's pages, and looked around your home town after dark, and realized that your world is full of wasteful, environmentally irresponsible lighting. You've looked at your own home, and made changes to your fixtures and lighting practices, but what can you do about all that wasted light from all the other sources around you?
The first thing which any of us can do is help spread the word about the impact that bad lighting practices is having on the world we inhabit. There are many intelligent, responsible citizens who have never put two and two together and considered how glaring lights and a glowing sky are obvious signs of wasted energy. However, the energy loss is as blantantly obvious as it would be to see your neighbor's doors and windows left wide open all winter. Tell people about what you've learned! Whatever progress we achieve in this important cause, it has to begin by raising public awareness of the issues.
Refer people to this website. Let us know when you need more information, or if you have suggestions for methods and venues for our group to use in spreading the word.

Our coalition will be keeping track when lighting-related issues come up on the agendas in Illinois municipalities and counties, and in the state legislature itself. Sign up to be on our mailing list, and we'll let you know when there are such issues for you to voice your opinion on as a taxpayer. But, you don't have to wait until then! Any time is a good time to write or call your municipal, county, or state leaders, and let them know that outdoor lighting practice is an important issue to you (the person paying their salary), and that they should study up on the issue (again, feel free to recommend this website as a good starting place).

To find the contact information for state senators and representatives, you can visit this State of Illinois page; if you need to find out who they are, you can search using your address at this State Board of Elections page. Or, try this service which also lists U.S. Congress members. Our political representatives do pay attention when constituents phone or write in with their concerns; let yours know what you think!

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