Working toward legislation to curb light pollution in Illinois.

Illinois Coalition for Responsible Outdoor Lighting

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Publications From Our Group

Our team creates publications and presentations for our various outreach efforts; some of these items we will make available for general distribution. We invite others who are involved in responsible outdoor lighting efforts to make use of them in their own outreach, and copy and distribute as needed to promote our intended causes. All we ask is that you do not alter their content, and leave credit to our group and our I.C.R.O.L. copyrights in place.

Perpetual Twilight- a six-minute, self-presenting PowerPoint introduction to the issues involved in wasteful outdoor lighting practices (998KB).

2-page flier Environmentally Responsible Streetlighting for the 21st Century; focusing on municipalities and developers and their choices of streetlight fixtures (PDF, B&W, 1MB).

Summary report from our March 2010 symposium on manmade light at night (PDF, 2MB).

We have started creating downloadable PDF versions of many of the articles and studies from the pages of this website; links to the downloads are at the bottom of the respective pages, and are also available here:

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